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Percolation of water through the unconsolidated sediments forms the groundwater aquifer system with depths less than 30 m below the surface (Wirmvem et al. The dam has modified the river/stream courses giving the area its wetland characteristics.

During the rainy season, the area is usually flooded, particularly in the months of July, August and September (Ndzeidze ).

The glass bottles contained screw caps bonded with polytetrafluoroethylene-coated silicone seal liners.

In order to avoid contamination, the bottles were properly rinsed with distilled water and dried in the Laboratory.

The basement is largely covered with these sediments, but outcrops in certain portions.

The weathered basement (regolith) and alkali-rich fluvial sediments constitute the shallow aquifer material in the plain.

Thus, hydrological investigations are essential for its sustainable management.

The hydrological studies to assess groundwater resources and develop sustainable management strategies require a variety of scientific information (IAEA H in groundwater with the historical records of high concentrations above natural levels since 1952 (due to nuclear weapons testing and nuclear reactors) has been used as a dating tool for groundwater (Solomon and Cook ) have reported recharge by heaviest and isotopically depleted monsoon rains.

unpublished data) principally contains post-1952 meteoric recharge waters, suggesting a renewable resource.The samples were properly capped immediately after sampling and well-preserved in a cooler container containing ice blocks prior to air-flight to Japan for analyses.Laboratory analysis of hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios of the collected samples was carried out at Tokai University using a Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer analyser (model L2120-i from PICARRO).Despite the significance of such studies in groundwater management, they are limited in most communities in Cameroon where shallow groundwater is a primary source of household water supply.The Ndop Plain (North West Cameroon) is a semi-urban community with an estimated population of over 200,000 inhabitants.

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