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There's nearly constant strong language (including "f--k," "s--t," "c--k," "p---y," and more), as well as heavy sexual innuendo and sexual suggestion (including teens having sex in a car and brief male frontal nudity in pictures).

Teens regularly smoke cigarettes, and there's a violent scene of a father beating up his teen son.

A father beats up his teen son in one scene; the violence takes place mostly in darkness and partly off camera.

A teen girl argues violently with a younger girl and accidentally kicks her parents during a struggle.

Brief views of naked, full-frontal photographs of men. Almost constant sexual innuendo, and the main character wears revealing clothing throughout (in one scene, the camera lingers on her bottom as she walks).

A teen girl and teen boy, as well as a professional male stripper, perform stripteases, with no nudity shown. Extremely strong language is used throughout, with multiple uses of "f--k," "s--t," "p---y," "t-ts," "c--k," "retard," "d--k," "poon," "slut," "fag," "goddamn," "virgin," "twat," "vagina," "hell," "bitch," "whore," "ass," and "Jesus H. Parents need to know that this uneven 1980s-set dramedy is about the friendship between a foul-mouthed, promiscuous, cigarette-smoking teen girl and a shy, overweight, gay teen boy who are both looking for some kind of family connection.

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