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The Gora municipality was combined with the neighboring Albanian-inhabited region of Opolje (some 20,000 people) into a new subdivision named Dragaš, which now has an Albanian majority.In Kosovo, there are 19 Gorani-inhabited villages: Baćka, Brod, Vranište, Globočnica, Gornja Rapča, Gornji Krstac, Dikance, Donja Rapča, Donje Ljubinje, Donji Krstac, Dragaš, Zli Potok, Kruševo, Kukuljane, Lještane, Ljubošte, Mlike, Orčuša, Radeša and Restelica.In 1999, after the NATO bombings, Albanian attacks on Gora resulted in the death of 11 inhabitants; some 56 bomb attacks and other types were made.Gorani have fled to Serbia proper and other countries along with many Serb and Romani refugees.Gorani activists have stated that they want Gora (a former municipality with Gorani majority that was merged with the Albanian-inhabited Opolje to form the Dragaš municipality which has an Albanian majority) to join the Community of Serb Municipalities.

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The Ottomans conquered the region in the 14th century, which started the process of Islamization of the Gorani and neighbouring Albanians.The Ottoman conquest resulted in the old trade routes that linked the Adriatic to the Aegean and Black sea losing their importance because of the insecurity on the roads, and the towns and villages along the roads stopped growing.After the death of Piccolomini and abandonment of the Habsburg campaign, the region was recaptured by the Ottomans, and punitive atrocities were committed against the Serbian population, including Gora.In the 1939 census of Yugoslavia, the Gorani were in the category of "non-Slavs" shared by Albanians and Turks, probably due to their religion.The Kosovo Liberation Army exercised particularly strong pressue on the Goranci, disallowing them to practise their language at schools and in everyday life in order to misrepresent them as Albanians.

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