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Sometimes I’m asked if I take my own advice, and to be honest, I don’t.

For the simple reason that it’s not really mine I’m yet to find any dating advice that is original to any one coach.

The concepts in the book are not those of manipulation but truly a way to get along with anyone.

When dealing with strangers, as we so often do in the dating world, this book is a great guide to making strong impressions.

From the very start of the book, she asks “Why do you think you’re single?

” The book makes it clear why most people are single, confronting the excuses many women make as well as correcting the mistakes.

It reinforces the message that women need to maintain their life before and after they meet a guy.

It takes such small interactions like greetings, asking for favors and ascribes a method for success.

Her second book, “How to Date Men: Dating Secrets from Americas Top Matchmaker” was released in August 2007. An article in New York Times addressed the issues that the book touches upon.

So I was more nervous to talk to the matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, than I've ever been for a date with a man. Let's get to the good stuff (I'm obsessed!! Check out some of the biggest dating mistakes women make! You might get one good date a year, versus 100 bad ones, but he's worth it."They go out with their girlfriends in the hopes of meeting guys."When you're with your girlfriends, you're not approachable. Men who are quality aren't going to go in there and ask you out while your girlfriends are standing right there--he could get shot down. M., to go to the bar: Sit at the bar, have a cocktail, get an hors d'oeuvre, read a mutual-gender book like , know the score on TV, and pretend you're busy. Men know in one second, yes or no."They overshare on the date."Women are so trusting that they tell too much information about themselves. They say, "Oh, I had two cocktails, I'm all relaxed, now he's my best friend and I can tell him whatever I want." They're nervous, they drink too much, and they tell their life story—and sometimes their life story is not a good story to tell."They don't let the guy talk enough."The way you talk on a date should be like a tennis match, but the guy should talk three times as often. You don't say, ' Hey, do you want to get married? Most people do not have manners.".__Read more matchmaking advice, like 8 Tips to Getting Him to Notice You in 10 Days!

This book presents the concept that it is necessary for personal growth to express ourselves as accurately and honestly as possible.

It is important to voice hurts, wrongs and disappointments for our own benefit but not to expect anyone to take responsibility for our feelings.

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