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Now, it's filled with stories about wannabe rappers that no one cares about except that moron Raquel and the oh so racist Van. Now it's a disastrous example of affirmative action gossip.I used to like the show but ready to call it a day.

So, with stuffs that Robert accomplished right up 'til the present time, his total net worth has gone past the sky.Where they used to be kind of funny, now it seems like all they do is fight.Tired of everyone talking and yelling over each other, dissing Harvey almost every time he opens his mouth and Rachel, yuk, she's just ignorant. I have to admit, when I want to find out the up to date news I will go to TMZ.He then joined radio show as a legal adviser and later he became associated with Los Angeles Times as a columnist.In 1982, he joined KNBC-TV covering the news about the legal issues.

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