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The range of blades, which sell on Amazon from as little as £19.99 for a 'pocket multi tool', to £38 for a 'Folding Sheath Knife', are made by Gerber, a popular American manufacturer, based in Oregon (EXCLUSIVE)...The Iraqi authorities have released a picture of the notorious White Beard ISIS executioner shorn of his facial hair to prove he did not manage to bribe his way to freedom after being captured in Mosul.Mosul residents have gone from euphoria at the city's rescue after three years of jihadist rule to uncertainty over when rebuilding will start in earnest.

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Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population, followed by Pakistan and India.

The guests were also allowed to see Muslims while performing their prayers.

The BBC's Imogen Foulkes, who visited a mosque in Zurich, says he and many non-Muslims enjoyed the experience.

Swiss Mosques Open for Non-Muslims Islam & News Agencies Many Swiss non-Muslims welcomed the initiative and flocked to the nearby mosques to get first-hand experience with Muslims.

(Reuters) GENEVA — Swiss Muslims are opening up mosques across the European country to non-Muslims to enhance dialogue and clear misconceptions ahead of a controversial vote on minarets ban.

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