Practice italian verb conjugation online dating

Many verbs which are irregular in the Italian language have a regular form in some prominent dialect, like the Florentine, and they are still used not only in spoken but also in written language at higher level too.

The most famous example is the verb fare (to make), which in Italian at the present tense, first person, is io faccio and in Florentine io fo.

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The most common is that the first singular and the third plural person have the same stem, while the second plural person is commonly - but not always - regular.

Simply put, in English or Italian, conjugation is the act of changing a verb to suit the way it's being used.

Remember a verb is a doing word, like 'There is a 4th conjugation, which is generally accepted as a derivation of the third one, due to the fact that the infinitive form ends also with -IRE.

The transitive verbs -verbs that require both a direct subject and one or more objects - can be active - io mangio la mela - I eat the apple - as well as passive - la mela è mangiata da me - the apple is eaten by me.

The passive form is built with the auxiliary essere past participle which follows the usual adjective agreement rules concerning genre and number.

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