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During a mutual validation, a “match” is obtained, thus a possibility of chatting.Thus, one avoids the amorous disappointments, and also to be solicited by someone who does not like us.Everyone talks about it and surely has a single friend who frequents this new way to meet people.

There, Tinder geolocates profiles adapted to the request.

However, if Tinder is successful today, the concept is far from new: Grindr, a geolocation app to facilitate encounters between men, gays or bisexuals, already existed for several years. By crossing or evolving within a restricted area, users of the same application are put in contact on the network.

This does not prevent his “hetero version” from working very well, since last January, Tinder already had 35 million profiles. Because of this, it is easier to meet the person, it is done in the wake of the discussion. By affinity or by proximity, these sites all promise to help us find the elect of our heart in a click.

Notifications of “matches”, “charms” and other “crushes” are multiplying.

In just a few short years, this emerging trend has become a blade of substance.

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