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Identifying striking examples of educational failures and successes in the post-apartheid state, she highlights the rise of low-cost privatized schools as hopeful alternatives to the broken system.The following infographic presents some of the most stark facts from Smuts' original article, "South Africa: A Science Lesson." See below: South Africa: A Science Lesson By Melanie Smuts JOHANNESBURG, South Africa— Xoliswa, 11 years old, was given a science assignment in class.South Africa suffers from an ill-managed and poorly-equipped education system, where students perform far behind their African peers.

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Still, she failed the assignment, receiv­ing 10 of 30 because the individual poly­styrene blocks did not create a solar system “effect.” Now, science is Xoliswa’s least fa­vorite subject. She is one of 12 million children in South Africa’s schools trying her best to succeed, but failing to beat the odds in a system gone horribly awry.FCUBE also prioritized improving access as well as teacher and curriculum quality.Despite such efforts, though, many Ghanaians consider the current state of their public education system inferior to what prevailed in previous decades.The regime change led to a decline in the quality of the public school system, causing an educational crisis in the 1980s.Since then, a wave of reforms re-in­troduced free universal primary education as a policy, under a system called FCUBE: Free Compulsory Universal Basic Educa­tion.

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