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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Going to the ballot box to cast your vote, making your voice heard on Brexit?And a raft of other bold assertions - lies, fear, antagonism and hot air on all sides.A bus with a number on it - later to become the emblem of every 'thick and empty headed' Leave voter.

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Harold added that the cellphone video of the incident 'did not capture the beginning'. Roman had been arrested in 2006, but the police records from that arrest are sealed, DNA Info reported.

Remember the lead up to it and the drama of it all; Cameron obliged into calling a referendum by the surging support for UKIP and Farage.

An unexpected Tory landslide sending Call-Me-Dave trotting off to Europe to negotiate us a better deal.

Celebrating every Leave region - tweeted my thanks to voters. A full year later, and the country feels despondent. I walked down an empty road in Regent Street, bereft of buses and cars - spooked by the stillness, the London Eye - strangely without a queue, sale items left unsold despite the weak pound. If the EU had wanted us to stay so badly they could have given David Cameron a deal to help keep us?

I messaged Jeremy Vine in studio - urging him on - as if he was part of making their happen. My people, my country - still stronger than the City of deaf snobs. Theresa May delivered a master-class on how not to run an election campaign, and lost any negotiating power in Europe. I don't doubt some time soon, Brexit will get the blame for this too. I travel back to my home in the 'Rest of the UK' and I am relieved. They didn't care back then because they thought Leave would fail.

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