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When a woman forsakes her vulnerability because she's been hurt or because she lives in a dangerous world or doesn't want to be used, she loses something essential about being a woman.

And we want to encourage her, "don't do that." It takes great courage to be vulnerable. SE: Nor are we saying that women should be vulnerable in every area of their lives and with every person.

JE: And yet, they're distinctly masculine and distinctly feminine.

In fact, in "Wild at Heart," I said every man wants a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. Our hearts are both wounded and those wounds shape us into the men or women that we become.

I am sure many people said trying to love a wild-hearted woman is a waste: we are too strong-willed, too much for any man.

Many are intimated by us—by our strength, our intelligence, our fire.

If it's done with wisdom, there's a very cunning way that a woman can arouse and lure a man to move, to become a man. In terms of seduction-and the movies the books mention, where there's a lot of romance and adventure-how can a married mother of two toddlers running around doing chores find adventure or romance?

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You see her heart is wild as she wanders on her own path letting the wind guide her way. She is a nomad, always stretching her wings and ready for the next adventure.You always embraced the wild, treasuring the rarity of a love like this.You dared to love a wild hearted woman; in return you have a wild once-in-a-lifetime type of love.That's wounded masculinity, and that's why "Wild at Heart" is trying to get guys to take initiative. If she's a very controlling, afraid woman, she's inviting others to not risk anything and certainly asking them not to be vulnerable with her.If she's driven, she's inviting you to being driven. JE: We like the word 'seduce.'SE: To seduce-not only the sexual connotation of it-but seduce is to arouse and invite action by your wisdom, by your cunning, and by your femininity.

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